BusinessLink Program for Commercial Vehicles

BusinessLink Program for Commercial Vehicles | Germain CDJR

You already know that Ram builds commercial vehicles that help your business run smoothly in a variety of ways. But the benefits of buying a Ram commercial vehicle don’t end there. With BusinessLink, you have access to a whole range of additional services to help you make the most of your Ram commercial vehicle. Luckily, as a BusinessLink dealer Germain CDJR of Sidney is here to help.

Ram Truck Service

BusinessLink Service Benefits

When your business’s vehicle needs servicing, these are the benefits that BusinessLink can give you:

  • Next Available Bay Service – Get your vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible by skipping to the front of the line for an available bay.
  • Service All Makes And Models – If you’ve got a few vehicles that need service, but not all of them are made by Ram, you can bring them to us anyway, save some time running around to different dealerships for different vehicles.
  • Extended Service Hours – Your company’s vehicles need service, but there’s other work to be done, and it’s not always easy to fit everything into the day. That’s why we offer extended hours for BusinessLink participants.

Ram Commercial Van Lineup

BusinessLink Buying Benefits

As your business grows, you’ll probably need to expand your fleet. Fortunately, there are BusinessLink benefits for that too:

  • Professional Vehicles In Stock – We carry a full line of Ram professional vehicles, and we can fill custom orders as well.
  • Dedicated Account Managers – Buying and maintaining vehicles for a business requires a different approach than the one for personal vehicles, and we understand that. That’s why you’ll get an account manager familiar with your business and its needs, letting you save time by dealing with someone who can anticipate your needs.
  • Upfitter & Bailment Pools – For many businesses, the commercial vehicles in their fleets need to be modified for specialized purposes, which is known as upfitting. We can help with that too, making sure that you get the right vehicle with the right equipment for your business.
  • Professional Financing – Financing for a whole fleet is also different from how private vehicles are financed. As a BusinessLink dealership, we’re equipped to handle the unique needs of your business.

Ram Promaster Cargo

Sign Up For BusinessLink With Us Today

Signing up to the BusinessLink program is easy, all you’ll need to provide us with is the following:

  • Business or nonprofit tax ID number
  • Federal or state income tax return showing operation as a business entity
  • Business incorporation documents
  • State, country or municipal business certificate or business license number